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The Project

You dreamt it, We built it

TopCity-1 is a project that from its very beginning was a dream to deliver you the best, which could comply with all the future challenges and modern lifestyle. The actual development of the project commenced in 2012 and by the grace of Allah Almighty it is now heading for its climax. This housing project promises to be the most reliable, luxurious and wonderful product a Pakistani could afford. The trend of luxury and modern lifestyle has really killed the earth without kindness but TopCity-1 among all the other contemporary housing schemes is the only one where luxury and eco friendly environment go hand in hand. The new extension to Islamabad, TopCity-1, is an elegantly planned housing scheme unlike anything witnessed before. It is an exclusive housing society that provides you all you have ever dreamed for. It is not just a place it is a city within a city that promises to deliver you the best housing option and in this regard TopCity-1 shall spend the maximum resources, skills and expanses to maintain the unprecedented development and dedicated management.

Exclusive Lifestyle

Come home to the bounties of nature

Modern lifestyle is a blend of comfort in a luxurious manner and foreign lifestyle import but in an acceptable limit. TopCity-1 as a final product will be the outcome of hard work and fastest development process and the most advance facilities matching all the modern trends so that’s for sure there are several good reasons for residing and investing in TopCity-1. One of the foremost is the opportunity to feel like being in the capital in the most affordable price.


Eco Friendly Living

Let’s remove the footprints

Carbon footprint has become a global issue that has tremendously impacted the purity and clarity of our mother planet. Urban living has yet again its own pros and cons but at TopCity-1 we are providing a farmhouse environment with all the modern luxuries. It is not simple to go green as we are combating a major issue of pollution these days. We strive to find ways and means of providing our clients an eco friendly environment.

We are making a complete eco friendly environment with and natural surroundings

  • Parks & Green Belts along the roads and streets
  • Water Bodies in the community
  • Preserving Natural Landscaping
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

Location Guide

Come on in

To provide our people the actual touch of life with classy creation we had to use every little resource at our disposal but no challenge big or small is daunting for TopCity-1. We have tried our level best to brighten up your lifestyle with a punch of luxury and most advance features in a very feasible cost price.

Be prepared to pay for quality because you will get a two or three fold return on your investment. Situated at New Islamabad International Airport TopCity-1 is at the junction of M-1 and M-2. This project is a golden opportunity to reside and invest.


Master Plan

The ultimate living

Luxury and grandiosity isn’t just a dream for a mediocre now. It’s the promise of so melodious a life that balances work & play, excitement and serenity, urbanization and nature.

The land has been divided expendably into an exquisite plan with plotting for houses, skyscrapers, luxury apartments and grand farmhouses and resorts.

TopCity-1 gives you all the space and flexibility of plot sizes ranging from 5-10 marla and 1 kanal. The plot distribution is exquisitely perfect and eco friendly without disturbing the ecosystem and wildlife. Every house is abundant with light and air to ensure a healthy living atmosphere.

The members will be provided with proficient architect wing, which will guide the respective members with their unique expertise.

Unique Features

A unique community for a unique you

Although being close to many distinctive places TopCity-1 is the largest and absolute location encompassing all the facilities within its own sphere. The community has a wide range of residential units i.e. economy size & large size plots, luxurious farmhouses & multi functional buildings for community groups and organizations.

  • Neighborhood of New International Airport
  • Ultimate business center of the city in near future

Urban Utilities

Secrets of this urban jungle

Apart from 3D structures we pursue a policy of comfort for everyone. We have designed our project to make a difference where the members will enjoy reliable and trustworthy services. The basic commodities are supplied everyday but in a different way.

  • Uninterrupted Gas Supply
  • Underground Electricity
  • Water Supply
  • Water Drainage

Education Facilities

International Standard Educational Institutes

Education is one of the most important commodities we need. Unfortunately our country lacks the international standards of education in many areas. TopCity-1 never compromises on education. Schools and colleges matching the international standards are available in the vicinity so that your children are safe and secure. Moreover, you are away from the hurry to fetch them in the bulk of traffic.

High standard and well-reputed schools are planned in every block. Modern technical educational and professional colleges with educated and experienced staff that will execute their duties with a promise to be dignified and honest to this profession.

  • High Schools
  • College and Universities
  • Technical and Professional Education Institutes

Civil Infrastructure

Just have no worries

We own each and every member of TopCity-1 as a family and so we are investing hugesome for infrastructure services to let this foundation survive for years without any hurdle and the members remain calm in regard to essential services and facilities.

  • Water Storage & Supply
  • Mini Dam
  • Roads
  • Pavement
  • Street Lights

Medical and Health Facilities

Just feel at home

At TopCity-1 we do not compromise on our residents’ health. We understand the highly evolving and competitive healthcare landscape and thats why we have spared vast area for hospitals to ensure that the hospitals have all departments. Our hospitals are well equipped with modern technology, highly qualified doctors and skilled paramedical staff. The spacious, grand and friendly environment is our top priority that will be prevailing forever.


Commercial Facilities

All available near you

Lavishly designed exclusive commercial block featured with world’s famous names is the polestar of TopCity-1. Modern arcades and high-rise buildings complying with the international standards provide every brand you need.

  • Sky Strip
  • Five Star Hotel
  • Business Centers
  • Mega Malls
  • Main Markaz & Mini Markets

Entertainment & Sports

Let’s be playful, crafty and modern

It is not just a housing society but also a blend of fantastic comforts. TopCity-1 provides you an incredible and wide range of luxuries thus the members can enjoy a series of recreational activities like swimming, sports, gym, and many more.

  • Community Center
  • Mini Golf Club
  • 3D/iMax Cinema
  • Kids Theme Park
  • Lake View Park

Maintenance Facilities

At your command

Sometimes you are busy and it is hard to fix a maintenance problem at home. Either you have to look for a civil worker or luckily if you have got him you have to beg for his kind services but TopCity-1 never forgets the clients. After providing you a complete luxury we do not withdraw from our commitment that we care. Civil workers of every kind are available within the vicinity to ensure your comfort and safety as well.

  • Electric Work
  • Plumbing
  • Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Secure Community

Any fear? Hit it hard

We have worked out with lots of efforts to make sure that violence is no way at TopCity-1 and you, with your possessions are safe and secure once you enter TopCity-1. Very proper surveillance is ensured here so that no suspicious person can enter the town arranges reliable security system. Once you are in TopCity-1 we are observing your safety via CCTV 24hrs 7 days with highly dignified friendly and integrated security staff equipped with extremely sophisticated and reliable weapons and technology.

  • Gated Community
  • Walk through gates
  • Security Guards
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Mobile Units / Vehicles
  • CCTV Installation

Emergency Quick Response Unit (EQRU)

24/7 we are here, whenever you need

May Allah Almighty bless you with all His mercy and kindness but we must adopt safety and care. To avoid any situation very advance fire alarm with fire fighting system has been instigated to secure the residents in emergency. A truly dedicated and well-equipped ambulance service is another unique feature that’s remains on duty 24 hrs. 7 days.

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