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  1. Mobile No: 00 39 351 2413076

    Photo Dt. 10-Jul-1996

    Subject: Application for any suitable post in Accounts / Information Technology (Middle Management) 1: Accountant 2: Excel Programmer 3: Correspondence in English and Italian,
    Dear Sirs,

    Enclosed please find my particulars for captioned subject post. In view of my particulars if I have been provided chance to serve under your kind control you shall find me an asset for your organization. I have been working in Accounts Department since long time & able to prepare PROFIT & LOSS ACCOUNT, BALANCE SHEET independently. Beside having vast accounting experience I have command on various computer activities & able to prepare every type of Excel worksheet using advance functions & macros. I have also worked on Powerbuilder, Foxpro & Visual Basic programming. During long stay with International companies I have learned most advance accounting activities & presentation of monthly Managerial reports with comprehensive comparison reports.
    I discharged my duties with equal attention on both sides accounting & budget.
    I shall be waiting your valued response anxiously.

    Best Regards

    Mohammad Latif

    Note : I am available for immediate joining.
    Required job in middle management.
    I can generate every type of final accounts with detail , Cash flows, Monthly management report automatically linking with computer using functions Sumifs, Countifs, Vlookup/Hloopup./Sumif & macros .
    Use of Excel functions if else, if .not., If .or., If .and., Choose, Dsum, Vlookup,Hlookup, Sumif, Iserror, Concatenate,Sumproduct,Data filtration,Data subtotal, Data validations etc & Macros are common in my developments.
    Worked as Team Leader of software engineers helping designing ,
    Developing and Implementing



    Date of Birth: 10 – 08 – 1955

    Permanent Address : Casa Nove 95, Ciciliano Arezzo ITALY


    Holds Documents of Italy Carta Soggiorno- Permanent permit of stay
    Residence Card
    Codice ficale card

    Contact No.: 00 39 351 2413076

    N.I.D No : 261-55-418012

    E_Mail Address: Latif11222@yahoo.com

    Web Site: http://www.mlatif.host56.com

    1970 Matric Sargodha board in Ist Division

    1976 B.Com Punjab University in High 2nd Division
    Bachelor in Commerce Obtained 55% Marks
    Obtained 2nd position in Commercial Law

    1997 MBA National College of Business Administration
    Masters in Business Administrations Gulberg III Lahore -(Obtained 2nd Position )

    2000 M.A Eco Passed from Punjab University Lahore (Govt of Pakistan)
    Masters in Economics

    2001 MCS Passed from Multi computer center
    Masters in Computer Sciences (Obtained A+ Grade)

    Completed Oracle Data Base Administrator 2 years Classes

    Experience: 28 Years

    14 years (Till November 30, 98) as
    Account/Budget Supervisor in Coca Cola
    Export Corporation (American Company)

    4- years as Assistant Accountant (Grade I)
    in ICI (British Company).

    3- years as Consultant – 1 in A.F.Ferguson (Multinational)
    Chartered Accountant Company.

    2- years as Excel Programmer – in S.M Preziosi Arezzo ITALY

    5- years as Advance Excel Programmer & Accounts manager – in RAWAL TELECOM
    MILAN ITALY (Multinational)
    Telecom Company

    Advance Excel Programmer – Telecommunication Job Performance – 5 years

    Telecomunication job in Rawal Telecom has made me well versed in analysis of career invoices and switch prefixes control. I have privilege of controlling switch prefixes losses. I have developed a program file for applying automatic carriers supplied rates to LCR . This event has saved too much company’s precious time. Analysis of customers monthly switch usage.
    All Carriers monthly forecasted switch data Invoices, switch prefixes matches, Manipulation CDR monthly data,
    Calling cards data monthly comparisons, Applying SQL to switches, Applying SQL in Excel. Other than Telecom
    Programs I have computerized accounting activities. I am treated as competent Excel programmer.
    Accounting and Excel programming Job Performance – 21 Years
    In prior companies I had worked as manager Accounts executing final accounts job comprises on profit and loss account , balance sheet,Cash flow, ratio analysis, monthly rolling estimate, monthly on line submission. Where I have vast experience of accounts I have vast experience of excel programming. I know how to computerize the accounting activity so it become automatic output.

    I know foxpro , powebuilder,visual basic, MODEM data transfer


    1989 Official Unidags Network Communication Course,
    (Data transmission using Modem)
    from Cairo – Egypt.

    1998 Official Singapore – Companies Business

    Network Experience:
    Helped in Developing, Multiuser program
    On Network Environment.

    Worked as Consultant-1 (IT Supervisor) & Assistant
    Net Work Administrator/Lotus Notes Administrator
    In A.F.Ferguson. from January 2000 to November 2002
    I gained valuable programming experience & controlling project
    In respect of designing, developing, implementing & resolving
    the problems.PTCL complete project is developed in Oracle,
    Power Builder, ACCESS, Visual Basic & Excel.

    ICI (British Company) Period of Service 4 Years
    Major Tasks Carried out as Assistant Accountant (Grade I):

    • Preparation of Project Cost Report.
    • Checking of Contractors Cumulative bills & accounting for them in Books of Accounts.
    • Computerizing Inventory stock cards of Engineering & General warehouse.
    • Preparation of monthly stock consumption & booking in General Ledger.
    • Preparation of monthly Trial Balance/Monthly schedules for Assets & Liabilities A/c.
    Coca-Cola Export Corporation (American Company)
    Service 14 Years
    Major Tasks Carried out as Budget/Accounts Supervisor:

    • Preparation of Monthly Final accounts in Local Currency & in U.S Dollars
    • Checking Employees Traveling Expense Reports,Coding & entering in computer system.
    • Maintaining Inter/Company account & reconciliation
    • Preparation of cheque,Coding & entering in Computer system.Checking
    • Required documents of cheque Pr,3 Quotations,Po,Grn etc for payment.
    • Preparation of Capital Budget .

    Notes for Financial Management review (Coca-Cola Company)
    In spite of Inter company reconciliation job & foreign travel expenses reports checking, its valuations in Dollars, Local currency , Coding & entering in Ross
    I gained my 14 years experience in Coca Cola company focusing & controlling the following key areas:

    1: Final Accounts
    2: Plant Cost Analysis
    3: Budgets
    4: Rolling Estimate
    5: Unidags Submissions
    6: Computerization’s

    1: Final Accounts

    – Preparation of monthly final accounts through Ross
    – Checking Journal vouchers, Cheque vouchers, Cash vouchers
    expense reports etc.
    – Checking every aspect of Trial balance & balance sheet before data
    submission in Unidags.
    – Preparation of J.V;s Accruals , Tax Equalization ,Local Income Tax provisions
    – (Payrolls P.f, Gratuity, L.fare, Accruals,) Monthly prorata & others
    – Monthly comparisons with Budget, Rolling Estimate & variance analysis report.

    2: Plant Cost Analysis

    – Monthly per unit cost analysis report with monthly detailed overhead expenses comparison report.
    – Fulfillment of Plant manager , Local management, Division office & Head Office requirements.
    – Annual Atlantic Package of various cost analysis reports.

    3: Budgets

    – Preparation of Annual budget of four countries. i.e Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka,
    – Detailed department wise expenses budget
    – Detailed manufacturing overhead expenses budget
    – Country wise Sales budget Volume & Revenue.

    4: Rolling Estimates

    – Preparation of Monthly Rolling Estimate of four countries. i.e Pakistan, Nepal,
    Maldives & Srilanka.
    – Detailed department wise expenses for R.Estimates
    – Detailed manufacturing overhead expenses for R.Estimates.

    5: Unidags Submissions

    – Execution of Unidags data submission process without help of any other person
    had been my responsibility.
    – I had been selected for Unidags official training by our Division Office &
    Joined Unidags trainning session in Caro in 1989.
    – I have key command on Unidags commands & data transmission functions.

    6: Computerization’s

    – Developed various automatic reports which are updated only implementing
    current Ross generated trial balance using Vlookup,Hlookup functions.
    – Developed multiple comparison reports using 18 if & nested if conditions in a cell &
    used various other advance functions.

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