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MIVIDA Housing Scheme Pakistan

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Mivida Pakistan

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Mivida is a Spanish word, which means that ‘’for the love of life’’. For the love of everything and, for the love of nature. The Mivida is one of Pakistan’s first Eco- Sustainable housing society. Moreover, it is include in Islamabad’s mega projects. Although, the Mivida is coming with unique technology and infrastructure for                    maintaining the beauty.
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The Mivida is located at the main Chakri road. Tough, its the just 5 to 10 minutes  drive from the M2 Motorway. And the 15 minutes drive from the new Islamabad International Airport.

Although, its main boulevard is connecting to the  M-2 Motorway and the Chakri Road. Therefore, it is an easy way of access through the multiple routes.


Town planner-Meinhardt

The town planner of MIVIDA is Meinhardt. Though, Meinheardt is a Singaporean Independent engineering consulting firm. According to their vision they creating the city and transforming the cities. In fact, they are working on to enhance the environment. As well as, for creating the MIVIDA housing society they focus on the latest trends of future living. Moreover, they also focus on high-quality infrastructure.

Mivida's Developers

Developers- Maxim

Though, the developer of MIvida is Maxim. Al though, the Maxim is well know as the developing world-class  living. The Maxim company  has partnership  with some of the groups globally and nationally . They helping  the housing projects to excel at realizing trends of future living today.

As well as, the Maxim is Real Estate investment and development company. Hence, they focus on development of the residential, the commercial, the entertainment, and, the leisure areas.  As can be seen that the Mivida is a prosperous project.


Introduce the eco-sustainable features to maintain the environment of the city. That features provides the Exclusive Lifestyle, 100% Eco-sustainable environment for secure the feature global warming. This Luxurious Housing Investment made for today, ensured for generations to come. Mivida vision is also to provide them all facilities to your doorstep

mivida islamabad

MIVIDA Pakistan Master Plan

The master plan of MIVIDA is design by Meinhardt Group.  All in all, this master plan is based on Holistic Hybrid Space Planning. Though, only a few steps from Mivida, the city has an eco-sustainable feature at its heart.

After all, this city surrounded by greenery, Solar parks,windmill, green spine. Moreover, the ring road, market and  much more.



Mivida- The Unique Edge

These are some of the features that capture your heart at Mivida. Sustainable and smart DEVELOPMENT. The Most Desirable Place to Live in Pakistan.

Here are some features of mivida that makes the MIVIDA unique edge. The Intelligent Information Infrastructure Overlay, the Transport Cities within a City Approach.

Moreover, the Holistic Hybrid Space Planning, Improved Quality of Amenities and, the Increased Functioning Efficiency. Mivida Islamabad is a magical place where family living feels like an ever-living place.

Eco-Sustainable & Smart MIVIDA Pakistan

MIVida is a contemporary residential housing society. Committed to providing an Eco-sustainable environment. Mivida’s developer is going to provide Pakistan’s first smart city with world-class amenities and a healthy environment where you can adopt a healthy lifestyle.


All Unique & Sustainable Amenities

The Mivida Pakistan offers exceptional  lifestyle and the amenities.  All in all, the Clinics Wellness Centers, and the Neighborhood’s Own One-Stop Markaz.

Moreover, the State-of-the-art Hospitals, the Educational Complexes, and the Bus Station. Additionally, the society offers the Fire Station, the Parks, the Mosques, the Restaurants, and the Cafes.

As well as, the Organic Markets Clubs, the Gymnasiums, the Sports Complex, and the Aquarian.

Smart features in MIVIDA

Firstly, the Smart Surveillance and, the  Smart security system. Secondly, the Smart Metering and, the Smart Monitoring System. Thirdly, the  smart  electrical Car Charging Points and, the smart Stations.

Fourthly, the Smart Garbage Collection System.Additionally, the smart  fire/Hazard Safety System, the smart  Air Pollution Management and, the Smart Traffic Management.

Moreover, the Smart Street Lighting System and, the Smart Resident Portals and, the Platforms.

MIVIDA-Smart features

MIVIDA Pakistan- Offers


Residential and Commercial Plots

Plot sizes in MIVIDA’s residential and commercial are 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 20Marla, 40 Marla.

Corporate & Retail Modern Business Areas

Mivida offers modern business areas where a lot of business opportunity is available. Moreover, all facilities and amenities are available for the residence of mivida to fulfill all the needs.


Chalets & Resort Living

In Chalets Resort, Includes the 1 and 2 Kanal of Stand alone Resort Living with no Adjacent Plots. The Lake views Chalets Villas and the  Resort Hotel Apartments.

The Freshwater Lake Resorts with Boating and  Fishing Clubs. Though, this community is Surround by the Organic Botanical Gardens.

Moreover, the Parks Exclusive Social Club Recreation Island Direct Access to Golf Course.

Low & High-rise Residential Apartments:

Mivida Pakistan, tastefully designed and meticulously crafted the low and high-rise residential apartments. The epitome of style and contemporary class


Luxury Villas

The MIVIDA is Designed the luxury villas to elevate your every day. Though these villas are designed with well-shaded walkable streets, generous green spaces and an include various amenities. Therefore, you and your loved ones will adopt the lifestyle you have always desire.

Organic Farms

Mivida farms are unique and aesthetic design. However, it provides an aspirational lifestyle within a thriving community.

mivda's organic farms

Communities in MIVida:

Although, the Mivida Pakistan is Islamabad’s first eco-sustainable city with smart progression. Therefore, Mivida pakistan the housing society is  divide into different communities.

Firstly, the Resort Community. Secondly, the Golf Community. Thirdly the ECO Community. Fourthly the mixed-use Community.

Additionally, MIVIDA offers the  Entertainment Community, the Medical Community, the Education Community, the  Retail Community and, the Sports Community.



How MIVIDA is a unique project

Firstly, it has the Signal – Free Panoramic main boulevard that is connect to both the M-2 Motorway and the main  Chakri Road.

Secondly, the ring road on all around the project that provides the fastest access to the residence of MIVIDA. Thirdly, the active commercial district that is design in an oval shape. Certainly, this is the easy access for the people. All over the project design is for less use of transportation.

Though, the people can use less transport and keep the environment under control. Moreover, the Green Belts situated in multiple sectors. The public realm walkways with 10-15 minutes’ walk from the home to Markaz. As well as, they also offer the IT Park, and the Education Complex.

Additionally, the Neighborhood Markaz, the Grand Jamia Mosque along with the Sector Mosques. Moreover, the Open Plaza with the Ground-Level Activity.



Though, for maintain the eco in the city, the society introduce the various features. Firstly, the Reduced Water Consumption.

Secondly, the Renewable Energy through the Solar Farms, the Windmills and, the Bio Plant.

Thirdly, the Bio-domes using the Passive Cooling Method.

Fourthly, the Bio-filtered Wastewater, and the Recycling Centralized Waste Management.

 Fifthly, the MIVIDA offers the Recycling Centers and, the Bins Water Conservation.  Additionally, the Water Treatment Plant, the Wastewater Recycling, and the Aqueducts Re charger Ponds.

 Moreover, the Rainwater Collection Ponds, the Storm water Management Infrastructure.



Certainly, you can live the life in the vast open and the lush green areas. Moreover, you can enjoy the luxurious lifestyle in the Pakistan’s first eco-sustainable society.

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