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Procedure if someone wants to transfer property to his family members through gift.

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The allottee can apply for transfer of property at the Front Office, One Window Operation, CDA through acknowledgement of Oral Gift on stamp paper worth Rs.5/- duly attested by 1st class Magistrate along with the following documents:

  • Original allotment letter to be surrendered.
  • Property Tax Clearance Certificate from Revenue Directorate, CDA
  • Indemnity Bonds (Transferee/Allottee)
  • Photocopies of N.I.C (attested).
  • Statement recorded before concerned Deputy Director and duly stamped by him with his official seal.
  • NOC from Building Control Section (BCS), CDA.
  • Bank Draft of Rs.3000/- or Rs.5000/- as the case may be]
  • Photo copies of NICs of two witnesses (attested)


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