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F-8 House for Rent

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Location: House No. 23, Street No. 22, F-8/2, Islamabad.

Plot Area: 100’x180’ = 18000 Sq.ft = 2000 Square Yards

Covered Area: 41360 Sq. ft

Comprising of 4 floors

  • Basement Floor 9100 Sq.ft + Lower Ground 9100 Sq.ft + Ground Floor 9100 Sq.ft  + First Floor 9100 Sq.ft + Roof Mumty 400 Sq.ft = 36800 Sq.ft
  • Front conference Hall 36’x 60’ = 2160 Sq.ft
  • Reception Area 2 x 30’x40’= 2400 Sq.ft

Enterances: Two Main gates from front road

Lift: 800 Kg capacity, five Stops, 10 Person capacity

Safety Features: (1) All exterior walls are R.C.C 12” thick “ANTI BLAST”

(2) Earth Quack Factor = 0.9 g

(3) All exterior wall windows with bullet proof glass (Double Glazed)

(4) All exterior wall heat insulated

Solar Lights: (1) All interior Light operated on solar panels

(2) Only AC System on Wapda Systems

Completion Time: (1) 30-40 weeks after of the signing of Rental contract on fast track basis

Exterior Finish: (1) Marble/ Granite sheets 2’x 2’ x 3/4″

Interior Finish: (1) All interior Area will be partionted as per Client Requirement

Lawn and Green Area: (1) Front Lawn 40’x 56’

(2) Roof Garden 70’x130’

Emergency Exits: Emergency separate exit for all floors at back lawn

Parking Available: 20 Cars inside House + 20 Cars in Front of House

Street Features: Well protected Dead End Street with UNICEF House in back and Nepal Ambassador Residency on west

Lease Period: Long Lease for 10 Years to 20 Years depending on mutual Agreement


Cell 0300-98-999-01

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