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 M.B   W E L F A R E   T R U S T



Based on “taking from society, and repaying society”, I have dedicated the purpose of my life to establish the MB Welfare Trust to fulfill the believes that “Enriching the Livelihood of People by Strengthening the Country through a Prosperous Society”. I am confident that the activities carried out by MBWT will motivate and promote awareness among the long-forgotten people of our society so as to upgrade their living standard.Pakistan and share their miseries so that they be able to help others. 

As a devoted Pakistani, I had always felt the pain and sorrows that people suffer from poverty especial women and children, who are unable to go to school, who can not afford proper medial treatment, who can not even have enough food to eat and who could only dream of a moment of joy. So I decided to establish a welfare trust so that I could reach the people of poverty-stricken societies in the cities and village all over

Its only that we know how many other hands are there to join in for the cause, its only then that we realize how many more hands are needed.

Gradually with the support of my family and friends I was able to launch “MB Welfare Trust”. Moreover, each and every one of the family and friends contributed greatly to the success of MBWT. I acknowledge with appreciation that my family stands beside my faith and belief at all times and MBWT is strengthened by their dedication.

Today MB Welfare Trust aims to provide basic health facilities, education to the poor children, support working women, provide free legal advice to poor people in remote areas, provide shelter to the destitute and exploited people, critical Medical needs, conduct vocational training centers, and other contributions for the all human being of our loving country Pakistan.

May Allah (SWT) guide us to the right path, grant us his wisdom and the resources to achieve our aims and objectives.


Ch. M. Mumtaz Majeed




 Our Role 

The real onus is on us to play vital role in this and call for the inner conscience” 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

We all live in a so-called sane and intelligent society running around daily to pursue our ambitions and dreams. Our lives are full of concerns and worries about our own successes.

We seldom realize the joy of holding someone’s hand and sharing our love.

We feel rejected when we are not appreciated or needed. We try our best to get noticed by society, groups, and associations that do not need us.

There are children and people who need you and your love.

The MB Welfare Trust as a charitable institute, it is funded predominantly from the donations of friends and well-wishers from around the country and across the world.

Our goal is to demonstrate through words and actions, the extraordinary power and importance of simple human kindness. 

We at MBWT believe that by inspiring people to bring more kindness into the world through our words and actions, we can profoundly affect the way we treat each other. 

Do you have a soft corner in your heart to take part in one of the charity project out of many?

Please take part in our charity projects, so that you can be granted mercy and solutions to your worries and problems in your life.

You can give donations to MBWT. There is no benefit to you except the satisfaction and joy of sharing your money for this good cause. It is probably the greatest satisfaction you can have.

Human Rights
a) To strive for marginalized community members and oppression, prevating in society against infringement of rights and violation of rights, providing legal aid.
b) To arrange seminars conferences and debates for education and awareness against Women violence.
c) To help the children to get education and get rid of child, bonded labor and also work against child sexual abuse.
2. Health
a) To work for promotion of Medical.
b) To provides Medical facilities to the members and Public in general.
c) To arrange seminars conferences and debates for Mother and child Health care.
d) To provide free ambulance facilities to the members and Public in general.
3. Education
a) To work for the promotion of Education Science and dissipation of useful knowledge for the settlement of public in general.
b) To maintain Libraries and Reading Rooms and establish / open and maintain
Public Museums and Galleries of Painting and other work for General use amongst Members and public in general.
c) To provide free education and scholarships for higher education to poor students.
4. Environment
a) To fight against all types of pollution.
5. Cultural
a) To make efforts for development of Cultural activities and work actively for
Poverty alleviation and the cradication of literacy ad social evils.
6. Food and cloth Support Programme
a) To provide food month basis to poor public in general
b) To provide cloth on different Occasion to Poor Public in general.
7. Marriages
a) To arrange marriages of poor peoples in general


To build an inclusive society through adequate resources and equal opportunities by provision of equity-based-services that changes the negative approach in positive and to utilize humans skills for their own benefits.Pakistan is one of the Muslim world’s largest and biggest populated state. About 170 million Muslims are living in Pakistan and one third of the population is children. There are hundreds of organizations working in the country for the welfare of children but in most cases their approach is not rational to address their (Children’s) grievances. Keeping this in view……….

Donate us
DONATIONS Your Donations / Zakat / Sadqat through Bank Draft / Cross Check can be sent to bank directly or at our head office & get a receipt. 


Title Account Muhammad Mumtaz
Account # 00550101006916
Askri Bank I-9 Branch Islamabad, Pakistan


You have this extraordinary opportunity to contribute to a child’s life.

Come and share your joy of being alive with everyone.

Thank you.

Ch. Muhammad Mumtaz Majeed

For Further Information Please Contact: 

 Office # -4, First Floor, 13-E, Crystal Arcade F-8, Islamabad, Paksitan 

Telephone: +92-51-2519774 Cell: 0300-98-999-01, 0321-551-4522 Fax: +92-51-2264459 website: www.mbestate.net 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/MB-Welfare-Trust/195902423791587?sk=info

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