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Bahria Town Karachi Prices

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karachiBahria Town Karachi Prices

Residential Plots Installments and Total priceResidential Plots Installments and Total price

 Commercial  Plots Installments and Total price

Commercial-Plot installment and price

 Apartments Installments and Total price

Apartments installment and price

Bahria Homes Installments and Total price

Bahria-Homes-Installment and price

Today’s  Prices Updated Regularly bahria_karachi_community

Bahria Golf City 1 Kanaal 500 Square yards 

►Buying Rate: -575,000

►Selling Rate: -475,000

Bahria Town Karachi 5 Marlaa 125 Square yards 

►Buying Rate: 150,000

►Selling Rate: 180,000

Bahria Town Karachi 10 Marlaa 250 Square yards 

►Buying Rate: 855,000

►Selling Rate: 955,000

Bahria Town Karachi 1 Kanaal 500 Square yards 

►Buying Rate: 1170,000

►Selling Rate: 1280,000

Bahria Home 8 Marlaa 200 square yards 

►Buying Rate: 2260,000

►Selling Rate: 2410,000

Bahria Apartment 4 Marlaa 2 bed 100 sq yards  

►Buying Rate: 1178,000

►Selling Rate: 1278,000

Hoshang Pearl Opal 225  

►Buying Rate: 110,000

►Selling Rate: 160,000

Bahria new 2 bed Heights 1100 square feet 100 square yards 

►Buying Rate: -18000 

►Selling Rate: 80000 Profit


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