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Available list Plots for Sale

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Available list Plots for Sale
BHARIA ENCLAVE ISLAMABAD: A Project of BAHRIA TOWN PVT LTD best ever housing project in Islamabad Luxuries Living with life style at your destination where your dreams come true for your own home in Islamabad, Beautiful natural view of lush green Margalla/Murree Hills, Where nature knocks your door every morning, Bahria Town 1st & successful project in Islamabad, Located just opposite to the CDA Park Enclave & CDA Kurri Model Village at Main Jinnah Avenue Kurri Road Chak Shahzad Islamabad. Infect is the only closest Housing Scheme with all basic facilities like Water, Electricity, Gas, Fiber Optic Cables, Sewerage,etc…..

Plot for Sale

Sector SizeSt. No.Plots NoDemandRef.
A1 Kanal121185,00,000
A10 Marla158105,00,000
B-15 Marla937&3860,00,00 Each
B-15 Marla937&3860,00,000 Each
B-21 Kanal73140,00,000
C1 Kanal1714155,00,000
C-110 Marla73195,00,000
C-1 New Cutting 10 Marla 2,3&41,3,67Down Payment
Rs. 30 Lakh
Profit 3 Lakh to 4 Lakh
Each Quarterly installments
Rs. 833,000x6
Payable within 18th to 22 Months
Total Price 80 Lakh to 85 Lakh
C-2 New Cutting 8 Marla Road 1010, 47,52&33Total Price 70,00,000/
Down Payment
Rs. 35,00,000/
Quarterly installments
Rs 11,66,666x3
Payable within 9 to 12 Months
C-2 New Cutting Down Payment 10 MarlaLane J,K,P St 410,5,3Down Payment
Rs. 4450,000
Profit 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh
Each Quarterly installments
Rs 1316000x3
Payable within 9 to 12 Months
Total Price 85 Lakh to 87 Lakh
C-3 10 Marla 19G1 Back open 93,00,000
G8 Marla111260,00,000
H5 Marla 112248,00,000
i5 Marla 182243,00,000
J10 Marla 62 Boulevard 85,00,000
J8 Marla 10A645,00,000
K10 Marla 11052,00,000
M 1 Kanal 814105,00,000
M10 Marla161270,00,000
N5 Marla Road 1 B1847,50,000
N5 Marla St 121245,00,000
N5 Marla26G533,00,000
N8 Marla571865,00,000
N8 Marla 41B1547,00,000
C2.5 Kanal Road 4 13 395,00,000Av.
Bahria Enclave Plots available for Sale